Saturday, January 3, 2009

Top 10 Badass Dad Posts by Hits

Some of my favorite posts on this end up popular, and some don't. More surprisingly, many posts that I find just fine end up very popular. Continuing my celebration of the first year of How to be a Badass Dad, the following 10 posts are the most popular by hits:

10. 10 Ways to Claim Your Day
This one made my list of favorites and this one. It got a big boost by being linked by Plus, it was kindly listed by other bloggers who found it and enjoyed it.

9. Potty Party may turn to Pity Party
I have a pretty high search ranking for "Potty Party." Just last week, I beat out Dr. Phil's instructions about how to throw a potty party. And with good cause; how many potty parties (besides his own) do you think Dr. Phil has thrown? I've thrown two and neither of them were mine.

8. What to Expect during the First Trimester
Turns out there are a lot of first-time dads out there looking for a road map for this whole pregnancy thing. A lot of them don't know where to look, so they end up coming here. I'd really like to know if this lonely post serves them well or not. The fact that so many people are out there searching for this topic supports my efforts to get a How to be a Badass Dad book published. So far, though, literary agents have only told me that men aren't interested enough in parenting to buy a book.

7. The Breastfeeding Father
Still can't get away from this one. Links to this on have been posted by many mommy-bloggers who appreciate the loving support of their husbands in this complex relationship.

6. Baby Wearing
Turns out that whenever I walk outside the house wearing a baby or two, I draw attention. I think it sucks to see babies strolled around in huge Cadillac strollers and carried in snugglies and bjorns. The Mei Tei, Ergo, Becco, and Moby are just so much better. I've been glad to be a humble source of information for those who have found this post.

5. Activities for a Rainy Day
This is another one that draws a lot of engine traffic. There are lots of great books about these things, people! Or, just play with the kids for a while. Lately, our best bet has been to hand our kids saftey-scissors and paper. Hours of fun...well, minutes, anway.

4. 5 Quotes to Live By
There are hundreds of people a month out there who search "Badass quotes" and end up on this post. I didn't know there was such a market for those.

3. The Sex Talk
Lots of people loved this one, and frankly, I didn't care for it all that much. I guess people thought the phrase, "Oh, he uses his magic wand" was considered pretty funny. It was a hit on StumbleUpon, at least. Unfortunatley, though, this post's popularity has also been tainted. Many people found it by searching for, shall I say, inappropriate relationships between fathers and daughters. Sickening.

2. Communicating with your Spouse 101
I dig this post a lot. It was linked by Stroller Derby when I was the "Crush of the Week." Thanks, guys! But it has also been greatly criticized for making generalizations. Yeah, it does. Sorry 'bout that.

1. Giving Up TV
I'm amazed at how amazed people are that we gave up TV. Our lives have been so much better! Guess what, we're giving up cell phones this month! Take that, technology.

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