Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Wife says she Not Nesting

I've mentioned that we're cloth diapering. My wife just sent over a list of what we have to start out with, should the baby come along. For those interested to read what a diaper stash might look like (on paper--in life it is far more three-dimensional and now super-organized) here it is. In life, these are all color-coded. Blogger has seen fit to turn them into boldings and sizes. And the little names are either the store where she bought them online or the online handle of someone from whom she bought/was donated used ones. I'd like to note that I have not seen her this organized in our time together.:


12 unbleached Indian prefolds

6 dyed Indian prefolds

6 chinese prefolds


11 small MJ Sherpa diapers $50 (mizzy)

1 small Calico baby tropical fish. $5 (mizzy)

1 small Calico Baby vintage kids $7 (mizzy)

1 small Sugar Plum baby (natural/blue snaps) $5 (mizzy)

1 small Chunky Bunns (nursery rhyme) $4 (mizzy)

NB Little witchy britches (blue tye-die) $4 (mizzy)

1 small pre-fitted grow-me-a-rainbow (sock monkey) $5 (kaccii)

1 small pre-fitted grow-me-a-rainbow (gnomes) $3 (kaccii)

1 small fitted Blue Dog (Dri-Line) animals and bugs $5 (kaccii)

1 small fitted – jolly rogers

1 small fitted – sugar skulls

6 small fitteds (pinks and purples) – (lemmings world)

2 small fitteds (first class baby and stars) – (facethemoon)

5 medium Little Lions fitteds (green, yellow, blue, purple and orange) $22.50 (alonwimonster)

1 medium wahm dinosaur diaper $5 (alonwimonster)

2 medium peewells – khaki and rust $22 (breathbox)

2 Sammy’s Sherpa One-size – good karma (alonwimonster)

1 SOS – gnome print - $20 (pinkmeetsred)

3 Goodmamas – buy 2 get 1 free! (bought new)


1 medium organic wool cover (Vermont Diaper co) – good karma (alonwimonster)

1 medium handknit (facethemoon)

small ‘Moss Tweed green longies – White Elephant Wool $8

Knit by me

Noro shorties

Noro shorties

Noro and tan soaker

Blue and tan soaker w/cuffs

Yellow shorties

Red shorties

‘cranky pants’ longies (tiny)

tan longies (tiny)

my first 3 soakers that might not work


6 medium fuzzibunz (jesamin) $44


6 inserts (with fuzzibunz from Jesamin)


2 small bumkins covers – white $2 each (alonwimonster)

2 small imse vimse organic covers – one zoo, one farm - $14 (angelfalling)

1 small imse vimse bumpy day – white - $8 (liss07)

1 medium imse vimse bumpy bears - $8 (liss07)

1 large/mediumish sumbuns goldfish - $8 (liss07)

2 small Bummis Superbrite

1 small thirsties

2 one-size wonderwraps


Four snappis


1 Goodmama large hanging pail – Carnival Print - $28


Sheepy Pants Pattern $5.75


se7en said...

Not Nesting!!! wahhahaaa!!! The more kids you have the less preparation you do before they arrive - trust me on this... but should you all suddenly start a project you have been putting off for a while then just rest assured that "the imminent one" is well very imminent! I spent the day before the night that my 5th was born cooking forty hamburgers for friends who were visiting for dinner... definitely not nesting, definitely not my normal self!!!

Innocence Underrated said...

holy crap! that's a lot of diapers. Would you believe with my first, I decided to cloth diaper on a whim and got by (for 6 months) with 2 pkgs of prefolds from a dept store, and 4 whisper covers?! I guess I just did more laundry lol.