Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finding Balance

I reoccurring theme in this blog seems to be finding balance in the myriad of pressures a modern dad faces. That balance has been really hard for me lately. When juggling too many balls, the most probably outcome is to drop them all, unfortunately.

I was juggling a lot when the new baby came along. Between work, school, and home, there was a lot going on. Then the new baby comes into the picture, and things get out of focus. She's an easy baby, so far as that expression goes. She sleeps a lot, hardly cries, is easy to console, and a pure joy to hold and look upon. But saying "easy baby" is a relative term; nothing that consumes your every moment and thought is ever easy.

So how does a dad deal with all of this? Well, first of all, he appears to stop posting to his blog. Second, I have really had trouble making time to promote my book.

For about a year, this blog has been a very important project of mine. And, on and off, my fiction writing blog has been important. Writing my own books is another facet of my world that has been dormant. But the biggest problem has been my ability to sit down and work on my school work.

I've seen it a thousand times, as a professor. Students get a busy and the first thing to drop off is their school work. If they get a job promotion, or get more hours, they stop coming to class. After all, when push comes to shove, and you get too busy and tired, most students see the schooling as the lesser important task. And lots of jobs claim to support going to school, but in action things can be very different.

My school, however, boils down to one assignment. I am working on the last school assignment I will ever have to complete. And I haven't been able to touch it for four weeks.

It's a dissertation. And it's about a subject that I care a lot about. And I find it very engaging to complete a large project like this.

And yet.

At the end of the day, I have had trouble bringing myself to sit down and work. I have fallen into the trap that I have criticized more students for than anything else: treating an education like a chore.

So how does one do this? The family cannot take a back seat. Work cannot be neglected. I am in a place where I must ask more of myself than I feel like I can. But it's just for a few more weeks.

We all find ourselves here once in a while. Priorities must be kept in order, but we cannot neglect ourselves, either. I always say to people who wish for more hours in a day that they just need to use more of the hours the day has. That's what I will be saying to myself for the next week or so.

Still. It would be easier if there were two of me.

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Mom On The Go said...

Ahh, you sound like me with a big project almost ending. I think I sometimes drag my feet because I'm subconsciously going to "miss" my creation when it is finished even though being done is a good state to be in. It's like how I missed being pregnant even though I was incredibly happy when my daughter was born.

Best of luck with finishing.