Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moving On

At the end of next week, we are moving from Texas to Michigan. This is a big change for us. It's much bigger than our big girls know, but they are facing it with excitement.

On the horizon for Daughter Number One is kindergarten. After debating for the last five years if we were going to do public school or home school, we have decided to give public school a shot. Solstice seems to thrive on social interaction with kids her age. She seeks them out, asks them to be friends, and talks about her times with them for ages afterward. She also has an intense love of learning and can't wait to cut her teeth on the kinds of busy work that kindergarten has in store for her. We plan on keeping an eye on things and keeping our options opened.

Coming up for Daughter Number Two is preschool. We are enrolling her in a nature preschool two days a week. Luna isn't as in to other kids as her sister. All she really wants to do is play with her big sister and mother her little one. Two days a week in the outdoors with other kids will hopefully be something that will build her confidence and independence. She is a real treat to be around, but has trouble showing that to anyone outside of her family.

I will be teaching English at a different community college and am so far enchanted with my interactions with my fellow professors up there. I look forward to continuing my research on student engagement in writing and finishing my doctorate this year.

And for all of us, we're trading in the heat and humidity of the Houston area for the cool weather and snowy winters of Bay City, Michigan. We (think we) found a house and can't wait to move in to it. We've got to get used to driving in snow, shoveling snow, walking in snow, and other snowy things. We're stoked about it.

I hope to keep up with this blog more in the coming months and feel terrible that I've neglected it so hardcore since Daughter Number Three was born. Stay tuned!


Veriance said...

from one Michigan blogger to another...WELCOME!

Rebekah said...

Regarding your daughter's "intense love of learning". May I suggest some reading for you. "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" by Grace Lewellyn. This is not just a book for teenagers. I read it recently and it inspired me to nourish my natural love of learning and gave me a lot of perspective on my own schooling years (homeschooling) and had me seeing how I could have done things better. But that only inspires me even more. :)

Charles Mueller said...

As your former TX neighbor, I sincerely hope you are getting settled in your new surroundings, and that the kids are adjusting to the climate change (welcome COOLER weather!). Drop us a line, here in your blog, to let us know you've arrived there in Bay City safely.
Charles and Suzette
46 W. Mistybreeze
The Woodlands, TX