Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fighting for Delivery

Have you seen this sign? It's been making its rounds in the blogosphere. I think it speaks volumes about the state of the birthing industry in this country. Should it really be an industry?

Really, I just wanted to make a quick update to link you to a CNN article. I think it's great that a major news organization will print a story like this one.

It's about a couple that fights with their hospital to have a VBAC delivery. At the bottom of the article are recommendations on how to talk to your doctor when a C-section is suggested. Hopefully birthing rights will prevail in our society because they are under constant attack. Let's keep up the internet chatter about birthing rights.


Melia Gordon said...

One of the largest practices here in Austin gives their clients a letter in their new patient package that says that doulas are great, and they have no problem with you hiring one, but don't bring her to the birthing room because it only causes confusion. Seriously...what's the point of that?

This is a scary, scary time to be a birthing mom in a hospital. We've come a long way, but we've also taken many steps in the wrong direction and recovery will be another long journey.

Anonymous said...

I really really really hate the birthing culture in the USA. Whenever we have another one I am in for a fight to just have a normal birth. It just sucks.

Kelsey said...

Whoa, that's just scary. Here in Australia most major hospitals have birth centres - midwife-run practice where natural birth is the aim. They advocate the Active Birth method, similar to Bradley and no drugs are allowed beyond nitrous.

If you need harder drugs, or there's a problem that needs medical intervention, they're right next to the birth suites where doctors can take over if necessary.