Sunday, December 13, 2009

Howdy, Stranger!

Well hello there, blog. Things have been wacky lately and I've neglected this portion of my life. Hundreds of thousands of disappointed fans!

It's snowing here, and this is totally new to us. My wife and I both grew up in California, and there the snow is something that you can visit in an afternoon. Here, the snow visits you and it sticks around, well past its welcome, I'm told. So far, in this household at least, there's nothing but enthusiasm for it.

The biggest complication of our recent lives has been the hospitalization of our youngest girl. She's out now and everything is fine, but it was a pretty nasty couple weeks there. Daphne had cellulitus--or however you spell it--on her face. It started as a swelling, not unlike one might have under their jaw when fighting off an infection. But in the course of one day, it swelled up to the point that she couldn't latch on to nurse and even couldn't see out of her right eye.

My wife took her to the ER and the doctor--without even looking at her throat or ears or anything--gave her a shot of antibiotic and then sent her home. The next morning, things were much worse. We went back to the ER and were admitted. Her airway was being pushed on and things were very close to being dangerous. One doctor later said of the first ER doctor who sent us home, "What a numb nut." Indeed.

My wife stayed at the hospital with Daphne. Our firs complication was the hospital rule that children under two be in a crib. This doesn't fly with us. Daphne cosleeps exclusively and will not sleep for more than 30 minutes without her mom there. This isn't done because it's easiest, but because--as you know, gentle reader--it is best.

The nurses kept talking about suffocation risks. We explained to them the recent study that shows that babies are more likely to die in a crib than sleeping with a parent and that that statistic includes incidents of intoxication and water beds. They wouldn't listen. Babies belong in cribs, they said. So finally I told them that we were leaving if we didn't have a bed put in there.

At long last, they gave them a bed. But, they warned my wife, she would have to stay with Daphne 24 hours a day. Like what? She was going to leave her? Silly people.

At any rate, many days and tons of antibiotics later, she is fine. She acts like nothing ever happened.

So, here we are, the end of a decade. I have all these new decade resolutions to get started on, and keeping a better blog is one of them. Well, not really a better one but a more consistent one.

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