Sunday, March 28, 2010


Not that this would be a big deal if I updated regularly like I should, but this is my 102nd post. I meant to commemorate #100, but I got all busy slamming schools or bumper stickers or something.



Anonymous said...

I think I recognize the setting where that picture was taken; it's on the Nature Trail path between Panther Creek and Grogan's Mill, off of Glen Loch Drive, right? This is your former neighbor, Charles, hoping your time in Michigan is enjoyable.

Sol Smith said...

Hey, Charles! How are you doing these days? I need to get your email sometime!

I think you could be right. I really need to update the picture, come to think of it, now that I have three girls to tow along. Maybe a hike in the Upper Penninsula will do the trick.

Take care, and say hi to your wife for us!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith,
I am a sophmore in high school and am somewhat annoyed with the school system. Yesterday I was assigned a project for English that did interest me, however: a research presentation with basically no limits. I decided to do my presentation on "Education vs. Schooling" and stumbled upon one of your articles. I was wondering if you'd mind giving any more input.

your team team kick ass said...

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