Monday, August 30, 2010

Breastfeeding Facebook Page

It's nice that my old article about the role of a father in the breastfeeding relationship keeps getting discovered by more people. Maybe someday it will be a leather bound classic, adorning the kindle-shelves of a future society. Until then, it lives on in the Facebook page, Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths. I thought I'd go ahead and give this link-back so that my readers can see what's being done over there. Very good page!

In the meantime, our breastfeeding family has reached another milestone. In the last week, our daughter-number-three, Blue, has stopped breastfeeding at night. She wasn't thrilled about it all that much, but now she's sleeping much better, and so is Mama. Blue moved into her own bed just about a month ago, shacking up in the very large room of her two sisters. It's quite a circus in that room, but it's great when they play together and wonderful to hear the three of them chattering on a weekend morning.

If you have breastfeeding stories, or more places to go for breastfeeding support or general lactivism, let me know!


Elle said... is a great source of breastfeeding support, activism, and charity work (we're holding a charity auction for a milk bank at the moment).

And the male admin, my partner, is much like you, another breastfeeding father.

Wonderful blog, I will be sharing x

Jacob said...

It's great to see another lactivist dad, in Michigan, no less. I'm just down the road in Flint. I don't know your experience, but I often get funny looks from co-workers when these issues come up. My wife is very active in LLL, and so by osmosis and interest I've learned a lot. It fits our vibe as attachment parents (or our own versions of it). I occasionally write about it here:

Anyway, our youngest is still in bed with us and nursing fairly regularly at night; he's nearly two. Again, it's always great to meet a similar minded dad.