Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stand Together and Fight the Kindle with Special Offers

Since I was first introduced to the site, I've been best friends with When I live in a town that has a nice local bookstore--such at BookPeople in Austin--I support that store and that store only, so long as they have what I'm looking for. But in all other cases, I'd almost always buy from Amazon. Cheaper prices, better selection, satisfying buying experience, and wonderful customer service sets it ahead of most chain bookstores out there.

Since I bought my Kindle, I've been reading more than ever. I've written extensively about my love for the Kindle 3 and I plug it just about everywhere I go; from classrooms to airplanes to tire stores, it goes with me an I tell people about it. But now I have a fuss to make.

When I read about the "Kindle with Special Offers," I nearly lost my shit. It sent me into an existential spin that I'm just not able to get out of. I hate this invention with every fiber of my being. This is a Kindle that displays ADVERTISING. The screen saver is an ad and on the home menu, where you see all the books on your device, there are ads.

This is unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.

Reading is holy. It could be the last holy act in all of popular culture. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that it is the last holy act in all of popular culture. Is it really worth the $25 discount to have to see an ad every time you pick up your book? Let me tell you, it's not.

They didn't have to do this. They could have stood up for reading. They could let the quality of the product speak for itself. They could let people like me spread the word and the love for the device. But instead, they sold the hell out and they sold our reading time along with it.

Make no mistake, this is just the beginning. Let anyone out there who is saying, "Well, this was going to happen sooner or later" know that such a statement is no excuse for just sitting idly by and letting it happen. This is an evil act. This is an act of pure and unadulterated horseshit. We cannot let this happen.

If we let this happen now, we let this happen to the future. Standing by and allowing this is assigning a dark future of advertising to our children. Ads are creeping into ever facet of our lives and reading should be left alone.

But there are no ads in books, you say. Not yet. This first step is a dangerous one. The most dangerous. Allow this and ever few page turns you will have to watch an ad.

But you save money, you say. Too bad. Amazon sells enough of these and sells virtually all the content for them. They can afford to let this go. Don't fool yourself.

But they're a business and they make money, you say. Don't let profit be an excuse for evil. It's never been an excuse and we Americans excuse it far too often because we see the function of businesses as money-making. A bookseller has more function in our society than simply the economic. A bookseller deals with a particular vein of our history and culture. The literature of the ages can be found on a Kindle. And a fucking ad for Buick. This isn't right, no matter how much money they make. It's not right.

We need to work together to tell Amazon how important reading is to us and to our progeny. We need to tell them that we understand the changing nature of the medium, that we see that paperless books are the wave of the future, and that they are stewards of the future. We need to let them know that as stewards, our children are depending on their honesty and their vision. Do not let advertisers invade our reading space. Do not.

Go to Amazon. Click on "Help" down on the bottom. Click on "Contact Us" on the right. Now select "Feedback" and write your letter. Flood them. Make them stand for this. Then go buy a Nook.


Ty said...

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Sol Smith said...

Dude. Priceless. While the thing isn't supposed to be that intrusive just yet, it's on the way. You can bet. If there's a terrible idea involving advertising, it will be done.

Barefootgirl said...

AMEN!!! I don't understand how anyone could justify selling seconds of their time EVERY time they use the Kindle forever for $25???

Barefootgirl said...

AMEN!!! I don't understand how anyone could justify selling seconds of their time EVERY time they use their Kindle forever for $25??? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree!!! I went with my mom to get her Kindle after bragging mine up to her...the salesman tried to save her money with the Special Offers Kindle...I told her I wouldn't forgive her if she purchased it and luckily she agreed!
It's BS...what were they thinking???