Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Novel Pubilcation

I am generally opposed to using this blog for self-promotional purposes. That said, I'm very excited to share with you that I have a new novel in publication!Sight, a YA paranormal thriller, is now available for order from!

I am immense proud of this book and I have high hopes for my relationship with Brave New Genre. I have been impressed by their quality publications in the past and am thrilled to be associated with this very excited company. I invite any and all of you out there to give my book a read!

At this point, Sight is not available in Kindle format, but must be bought the old-fashion way: by ordering it and having it come in a box with a smiley face on it.

Buy Sight Now

If you would like to read this book and you cannot spare the cash, you can enter to win a copy of your very own at Simply click on that fancy widget to the right of this entry and you can enter to win one of five free copies of the novel.

This is an exciting moment for me, and I'm glad that you are all allowing me to share it with you. Please pick up a copy today or enter to win a free copy!

Just read what other authors have to say:

"When Derek first walks into the shop where Tydomin White works, he steps into a chain of events that will challenge and change both their lives. Tydomin already knows him, though they have never met. She has very special powers - and soon she will have to chose between her power, and her freedom. Sol Smith’s novel, Sight, is an extraordinary novel of the paranormal, about the distance that sometimes exists between us, and how courage and love can close that gap. Sol has written a convincing, fast-paced young adult novel of the paranormal. A great read, a real page-turner!"

-Jeanne Mackin, Author of The Sweet By and By

"Sol Smith is a wonderful writer, whose blend of modern pagan realism and fantasical lore makes for a haunting and character driven tale. The imagery he creates stays with you long after the book has ended."

-Brandi Auset, author of The Goddess Guide

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